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Tools for investors

PIP accounts: get a 50% profit from each client referred!

Trading via PIP accounts allows those who have insufficient experience in independent trading to invest in the foreign exchange market. By putting money into an experienced managing trader’s account, even those clients who do not have trading skills generate profits. You as a partner receive 50% of their every successful trade.

Importantly: Our PIP accounts are managed by experienced traders, which reduces risks to your clients and increases their odds of success.

PAMM system

The service enables clients to pick one among hundreds of successful traders whose trading results are available online. Many of them earn over 100% returns annually.

Importantly, if a referred client invests in a PAMM trader, a partner does not receive commissions on spreads. If you refer clients to the PAMM system, you are recommended either to choose the CPA (Cost Per Action) program or contact the Partner Relations Department.


Refer clients and subscribe to one or few traders.

ForexCopy is an awesome service for partners who prefer the Introducing Broker program. Unlike the PAMM system, all trades are executed right in a client’s own account but not in a managing trader’s account. So, as a partner you receive a commission from every trade.

During a subscription term, clients carry out the same trades automatically in almost real time as a selected managing trader.

Importantly, clients are responsible for their funds and are free to unsubscribe from a managing trader anytime.

On Your Side

Perhaps, the sure-fire way to make money!

We have discovered that the S&P 500 index (the index of 505 top US companies with the largest market capitalization) has been following a non-stop rally since the middle of the 20th century. Amazingly, the rally is going on even despite the coronavirus crisis. Hence, we have developed a simple product: an investment portfolio consisting of this single asset. We believe that such investment minimizes risks of our clients (but not a profit).

Welcome to invest at least $1,000 for the minimum term of 3 months!

Importantly, the product is called On Your Side not by chance. We earn on condition that a client gains some profit. On top of that, half of such profits are shared with partners.

Forex signals

This app is the company’s own invention

At present, more than 70% of all our forex signals yield profits. All a client has to do is download the app and follow the guidelines of the signal!

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